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Work hard, work smart. Team up with MDM - the ultimate personal trainer.


Bridging the gap between injury and performance.


MDM offers one stop solutions for physically active people of all ages and ability.


We form natural partnerships with hospitals who use our software to manage their day to day business and improve their current and future working practices.


MDM products work seamlessly with existing OR technology to provide impressive benefits including recovery time management and enhancement and prosthetic identification and manufacture. And our data management system will make your stats work hard for you in myriad ways, for example providing accurate information to insurance companies.


Here at MDM Systems we recently celebrated our first year of successful collaboration with Belgium based company ProCcare who are making extraordinary advances in the field of athlete recovery and care, powered by MDM Systems software.



MDM Systems stands for Medical Data Management Systems. We develop world class sports medicine data management software. We form partnership with hospitals, sports clubs, universities and individuals seeking advanced, intuitive software to manage their day to day business and improve their current and future ways of working. MDM was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Barcelona, where our team of 7 passionate employees work tirelessly for our customers. We are not doctors, physios or sports science practitioners and we don't aspire to be either. We are a team of young, hardworking web engineers, analysts, statisticians and designers with a broad experience of the digital world. Each of us currently practices, or has previously participated in, sport, so we believe in teamwork, healthy competition and mutual respect. For us the sum of our collective participation is always better and brighter than any individual’s contribution.



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